Any Hardware products bought through us will have a complimentary 90 days telephone support and a 1 year warranty. The Warranty includes product collection and delivery on site.
Software & Hardware products will be provided with basic support and essential training on product operations and features.


On-Demand Customers

We provide only on-site support to these types of customers. We attend to their queries and fix an appointment with our technicians (We call them SQUAD) to solve the issues.

Privileged Customers

Our Privileged Customers are offered with three types of support namely Remote Assistance, Telephone Support and On-call Support.


Annual Maintenance Support (AMS)

We provide help desk support to our clients and offer different AMS Contracts with a 24/7 Hotline Number by which our SQUADs can respond to the issues immediately.
We have different types of AMS for Existing as well as Start-up companies which can be found here.


EC Pro

We provide companies with IT, Telecom and AV products which will be covered under the warranty. We also provide Telephone Support, Remote Assistance and On-Site Maintenance for these types of clients. Our SQUAD will make 2 visits every month for a Health Check and provide you with round the clock support.

EC Enterprise

EC Enterprise is an EC Pro contract with a dedicated staff on-site and 24/7 support for issues to be handled after business hours.

EC Xpress

EC Xpress contracts will have limited warranty support. Our SQUAD will visit once every month for a Health Check during business hours. These types of customers can only avail on-call support. Hardware replacements will be charged accordingly.


Annual Maintenance Support for start-up companies comes with a 3 year contract and a 1 year extension. This will include a minimum of 1 year support for both hardware and software. It includes Telephone Support, Remote Assistance and On-site Maintenance. Essential basic training for the solutions will be provided on-site.

SU Pro

Payments for hardware and software are paid in full initially, while support services are charged separately.

SU Xpress

Payments will be done in installments for hardwares, softwares and maintenance, while the products will be owned by us till the installments are over.